What makes Wood Blinds a Great Choice for Your Home?

Wood blinds add warmth to any room with their room. They add to a home’s appeal and are practical to have in any home as they help maintain control of the light and temperature of a room and if they are not regularly exposed to extreme heat or humidity then they are more likely to last several years.

They come in many different types of wood and in almost any shade you could want. Because of this, they are one of the best types of blinds to help block out sound and light. Unless the wood is unusually thin, they will block out the light without allowing for too much teat to be generated. They are also the best at muffling sound because wood blinds tend to be thicker than other types of materials. This also makes them the best for your own privacy. There is a cord on the side to lower and raise the blind slats or tilt them as desired.

One of the biggest complaints about wooden blinds is that they collect dust very easily and while this true, they are also one of the easiest to clean by just used a cloth to wipe them down. You do not even need to take them out of the window to do this; they are very low maintenance otherwise.

Wood blinds are an organic material this means they are more likely to sage or suffer discoloration over the years and while they can be repaired and repainted if they are repeatedly exposed to moisture in rooms like a bathroom or kitchen. This will affect the wood of the blinds long term which increases the likelihood of sagging and warping.

Wooden blinds are perfect for older homes in colder areas because wood is a natural insulator so a home that is more drafty and exposed to lower temperatures will retain heat better. While all blinds will do this to some degree, wooden blinds do it better than most. Plus, their natural warmer appearance will help show this warmth.

Wooden blinds tend to be one of the more expensive blinds on the market. They are more expensive, but they are designed to last longer than other types of blinds. Even faux wooden blinds do not last as long, no matter how much they look like real wooden blinds. They are also surprisingly light compared to faux wood blinds. This means as they age, they are less likely to crack and split under their own weight.

Wooden blinds while more expensive, are an excellent choice for a home to help add class and give it that warm feeling. They are worth the extra price that gets paid for them in reducing the heating bill and adding to the home’s overall appearance. They are a perfect addition to a family room or home office where you would expect guests or clients to visit. They will also stand up to the lifetime of wear that gets puts on any modern home.