Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are probably the most popular brand of blind on the market. They have been since they originated in Europe where they were patented back in 1760. They would increase in their desirability as they spread even making it as far as gracing the windows of New York’s Empire State building. At the time it was the largest order ever fulfilled for Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are easy to operate and control for light and air. The blinds are also designed to insulate and keep a home temperature controlled. They can be made from wood, PVC, and aluminum which makes them able to accommodate many different types of rooms. They work amazingly well in rooms that can be high in moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. Their unique design allows for air flow to keep the moisture from building up. They can also provide superior insulation during the coldest months when one would not want air coming into their home.

Venetian blinds are terrific at providing you with privacy because of the way they are designed the blinds can be tilted up or down to allow light, but because of how narrow the horizontal slots are they restrict visibility into the home. They give the right level of privacy to allow for casual visibility out without giving the same sort of visibility on the inside.

Venetian blinds are strung up using woven cords that run the length of the sides of the blinds. This allows for each slat to be suspended on its own loop and that same loop controls the degree of tilt the individual slat has. When the cable is pulled; all the slats will tilt to the exact same degree. This causes the slats to overlap with each other effectively sealing out the light and ability to see in or out.

If buying blinds that are not made of wood is a priority than aluminum and faux wood are good substitutes. They have a lot of the benefits of the wood blinds such as attractive staining and appearance at a reduced cost. They will function and operate exactly the same as the wooden blinds though they may not last as long. They are often the better choice if the area is extremely warm or humid as wood Venetian blinds are more prone to cracking or warping in such conditions.

A newer addition for Venetian blinds is having them be motorized. This allows for the blinds to be operated from an installed panel or with even more technologically advanced measures such as an app on your phone. Smart blinds, as this newest type of creation, is known as can be operated from virtually anywhere. This allows the user to create a more energy efficient home by controlling the light coming into the rooms from the office. This will prevent the overuse of electricity to turn on and run air conditioning to maintain the home’s optimal temperature while at work or on the road. This allows for control of the entire blinds system remotely.