Alta Window Fashions: Ahead of the Curve

Alta Window Fashions is a top brand for window functionality and decoration. They know how to make a window covering work for any home and are ready with the latest technology and safety features to make sure any home is child safe. They make a home comfortable and light controlled.

About Alta Window Fashions

Alta Window Fashions is a leader in the window design industry and has been for over 40 years. They put innovation and safety into every product they manufacture with lasting quality and customer satisfaction. Their attention is what sets them apart from the crowd and keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

Alta Window Fashions

Alta Window Fashions products are clean, safe and smart. They come with a host of options to make a home beautiful, energy-efficient and practical. They are the go-to products for anyone looking to update and upgrade their home.

  • Shades
  • Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are a good choice for any home as they come in a wide selection of styles, thicknesses and fabric types. They can come as sheer, opaque, semi-sheer and blackout so the light is something that gets controlled by the owner in every case. They are perfect for insulating a home to help make it more energy efficient with their selection of cellular and SoftStyle that have double cells.

The Honeycomb shades come with the D-Cell technology that keeps the shades rounded and crisp with full pleated design. The color range for them is wide with a full collection of patterns, hues and cell sizes. The fabrics are also wrinkle and stain resistant which makes them a good choice for homes with children.

  • Window Shadings

The Alta Window Fashions window shadings are more than window coverings. They are combinations of soft and function to help diffuse the sunlight while allowing the homeowner the option to control the light of the room.

They are perfect for large windows measure 120” wide or more with their unique S-shaped vanes they capture the light while letting in a just the right amount of light in. The shades can be raised to vanish completely with no cords left visible. They are privacy control along with light control.

  • Natural Woven Shades

Alta Natural Woven Shades are natural and elegant. They are made with organic materials with over 20 different shades available from 3 different collections. They all come with hand-stitched rings that are woven directly into each pattern.

Each natural fiber is oven through a loom by hand with natural-by product yarn that is finished off with an edge made crisp and clean with their own attention to detail. All grasses used are light filtering. These grasses are woven bamboo, papyrus, and reeds.

  • Roller Shades

Roller Shades by Alta Window Fashions provides efficiency with ultraviolet light protection. With more than 120 different types of materials, they can complement any home with light or shade. They all come with Greenguard certification which checks for low emission levels.

If they are the Roman shade than they cascade rather than roll with a wide selection of earth tones and light textures roller shades of all kinds are woven with strength and quality.

  • Dual Shades

Are alternating bands of opaque and sheer lining. The sheer bands allow light to glide softly into a room while the solid yet opaque colors control the degree of privacy in each room. They are translucent and room-darkening as needed and the can disappear completely when raised to the headrail for an open view of the world outside.

Alta Window Fashions has a wide selection of colors and swatches available the dual-layered bands of this shade. They can be layered for privacy and light with a seamless quality that makes any room glow.

  • Wood Blinds

Wood blinds from Alta Window Fashions are a mixture of modern with traditional simplicity. They are energy-friendly for blocking heat transference while being naturally insulating for those cold winter nights.

They are cordless which makes the home safe for children and all the wood comes with a smooth finish that adds a glow to the quality wood beneath. With one continuous headrail, two or three blinds can be styled on wide or side-by-side windows.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Alta Window Fashions’ faux wood blinds have the natural luster of real wood with the benefits unique to faux wood. They are a moisture-resistant, durable, and beautiful addition to any home.

Faux wood is a cost-effective way to get the look that fights the home without the costs associated with real wood materials. They are made of vinyl which will keep the window protected and will hold up against the day-to-day damage taken by a home that gets lived in. As they are resistant to moisture, this type of blind is perfect for rooms where there is excess moisture like a home bathroom with a shower.

  • Aluminum Blinds

Alta Window Fashions’ Aluminum Blinds are sleek, simple ways to decorate and protect a window. They add the perfect touch of modern to any home as they require little maintenance, especially with Alta Window Fashions’ rust-resistant finishes. They are all spring tempered which helps the slats hold their shape.

This resistance prevents kinks and dents from being introduced into the functionality of the window dressing. They come in multiple forms and types including heavier-duty slats and the LightsOut feature which helps rooms stay light free when desired. 

  • Custom Shutters

 Alta Window Fashions Custom Shutters are a practical way to get the design needed for the right room. They can be tougher than kids and are guaranteed not to discolor, chip, peel or crack with age, moisture or heat. They are made to be easy to clean and most of it can be wiped down with soap and water.

This type of blind comes with ultraviolet light protection that protects the home and the blinds themselves. They are Greenguard certified with guaranteed low emissions and healthy atmosphere rating.

  • Vertical Blinds

 Vertical blinds by Alta Window Fashions are long and lean. They are a sleek addition to any home that helps keep costs and energy efficiency in check. They have a wide selection of smooth vinyl blinds with a wide array of fabrics, S-curves and tactile hangings.

These are good for blocking out the light and the neighbors. They are easy to open and close with the simple wand for control. The light can be filtered in through different types of fabric or vinyl’s that will help with temperature control. Best of all, these are simple to maintain and clean.

Alta Control Functions

The good old blinds are still gone, but when this is the modern age, modern conveniences can be included in most type of window dressings. They can be made to use the latest technology to program the open and closing of the blinds or come without a cord to keep the youngest members of a family safe from harm.

  • Cordless 
  • The cordless system for Alta Windo Fashions makes raising or lowering a shade into any position smooth with their cordless window shade option. 
  • Cordless Lift & Lock 
  • This simple system can all be controlled with a button on the bottom of the rail. The button can be pressed to lift and lower the shade and once it is in place it can be pressed once more to lock it into place. This is an option to help protect children from the dangers associated with playing in a room with loose window blinds. 
  • RemoteLiftTM 
  • The RemoteLiftTM system is battery-operated. This system is perfect for getting high up windows covered or uncovered and to control the amount of light or shade in a room. 
  • RemoteTilt Motorization 
  • This battery-operated system is perfect for hard-to-reach windows. They can be wirelessly operated within 65 feet of the windows. This can be done from a master control panel in another room if desired.
  • MomentaTMApp 
  • This app controls the RemoteLift function. It allows you to raise and lower the blinds with the control of a smart device alone. It can even be programmed to do it automatically or from remote locations. 
  • Tilt-Only 
  • The tilt-only window slats are perfect for narrow windows that will never be opened. They become a beautiful home decoration while providing complete privacy. 
  • Clutch Lift 
  • The clutch lift system allows for a degree of elegance to enter a room. It is simple to operate as it comes with a beaded chain to adjust the height of the blind to the desired height. 
  • Rechargeable Simplicity 
  • The system is very economical. It uses the RF motorization system to control the blinds on their own remote. The batteries are rechargeable which helps save money and move the blinds conveniently. 
  • Two-on-One or Three-on-One 
  • This unique system puts two or three blinds on one window. They all attached to one headrail, but operate independently of each other. This is perfect for allowing select degrees of light or air into a room as the sunshine moves. 
  • PowerWandTM 
  • The PowerWandTM is a want and a pendant operating system. It controls how open the blinds are through a power control system that is completely rechargeable. 
  • Continuous Cord Loop 
  • Moving heavy or oversized shades or blinds is made easy with the Continuous Cord Loop. The cord is one long loop that changes as the degree of tension changes. This prevents dangling cables and eliminates dangers to children. 
  • Standard Cord Lock 
  • This is a simple system that can be locked into place while keeping taunt. This prevents children from being tangled up in the cords and keeps them safe.

Alta Window Fashion Design Options

  • Tandem Shades 
  • Tandem Shades by Alta Window Fashions are carefully woven patterns of natural fibers that help control the light while providing absolute privacy or just her right amount of the outside. They operate on rollers to provide the right degree of functionality to filter the light or completely block it out. 
  • Trilight Shades 
  • Made with the Top-down/bottom-up conveniences, this window blind offers ultraviolet light protect with sheer pleating options while providing complete privacy or adjusted light control. 
  • Top-down/Bottom-Up Shades 
  • This provides privacy and light control because they can open from the top of the frame or the bottom of the frame. They operate on a track so they can be adjusted as needed to the changes in light. 
  • Fixed Liners 
  • A fixed liner can help control the light through the use of natural woven shade. The liner whether light-filtering, room-darkening or a complete blackout liner is added to the shade to raise and lower in unison with the desired window shade. 
  • Operable Line 
  • An operable line is one that is separate from the shade. They are available on traditional window blinds to help control light and privacy. They usually come standard with a control cord. 
  • Waterfall 
  • The Waterfall valance hides any sign of cords or blind mounting. The entire system completely blocks any of the mechanisms with back variance and a metal grommet to hide the cord and keep the window looking neat. 
  • Edge Bindings 
  • An edge binding helps the window look clean and the blinds operate smoothly. They keep the appearance of the blind while making sure it is operational. 
  • Panel track 
  • These are fabric panels that slide on a track across a door or large picture windows. They are a smooth way to control light and privacy while covering a larger section of window or door.
  • Solid & Decorative Tapes 
  • Decorative tape can be added to windows to tie the windows or hide holes from cords strung through a window blind. They have patterns and colors to add a touch of life to any window. 
  • Routeless Slats 
  • A routeless slat is one that is designed to hide light leaks and block the standard holes of light a blind would have. They are generally found in rooms where someone might sleep or need a complete blackout curtain.

Alta Window Fashions and Stains

The right paint or stain means choosing colors and hues matching the room and the window covering to the desired taste of the customer. Every type of blind or shade comes with a wide selection of colors and stains to help match. The materials of the window frame dictate the number of colors and stains that can be used for the product. A wire brush can also be used to give the right kind of finish to the fixture.

Alta Window Fashions and Care

Alta window fashions are easy to clean and care for. They can be brushed or wiped clean with a soft cloth. Mild soaps can be used on some of the blinds while others can be best treated with minimal amounts of water and a blow dryer or vacuum. They are made to be part of a home not take up all the time for their care.

The blinds, shades and other window treatments are covered by the limited lifetime warranties. These warranties come standard for their products to help families stay covered. They plan to cover material, mechanisms, and workmanship defects. They will also cover any failures to operate in their prescribed manner. They are made to make the homework and if they don’t they are covered.

Greenguard is the Alta Window Fashion way of ensuring that their blinds are made with materials that are safe for a home. This means no emissions occur when plastics or metals are heated up by the sun. Greenguard Certifications are awarded to products that have been manufactured and certified by trained professionals as safe for home use. They are part of many environmental safety products that need to be in the home and proven safe.

Why Choose Alta Window Fashions

Alta Window Fashions become part of the home and customer care and satisfaction is their top priority. Your home window dressings are their responsibility. They make a promise with their customers to deliver quality window coverings, at prices that are affordable. They also make them last by using top-quality materials and strong manufacturing.

Alta Window Fashions and Child Safety

Alta Window Fashions takes child safety seriously. They have cord lock or cordless systems specially designed with children in mind. These systems keep the cords retracted or non-existent to keep children safe. The steps they have taken to innovate through using smart technology programs the blinds so they can automatically move without the need for visible cords.

Alta Window Fashions Recap

Choosing to go with Alta Window Fashions for home window decoration is an excellent choice for any home. Their styles are unique and functional. They care about how the window looks as well as functions. The technology they are working into their blinds helps the homes be as smart as the occupants while providing a high level of child safety and awareness.